10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Adelaide

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South Australia’s largest metropolis and capital, Adelaide, is a  paradise for foodophiles. Located close to some of the best wine-producing regions in the world, Adelaide offers some of the best seafood varieties  and has a populace that loves to enjoy  delectable cuisine.

Adelaide has some of the most amazing modern Australian restaurants. Our guide to Adelaide’s top restaurants will take you on a culinary tour of the finest eateries and bars in the city. We truly hope this guide helps you choose your next food spot.


InterContinental Adelaide is situated on the banks of the River Torrens, bang in the city centre. The hotel’s award-winning restaurants provide the finest quality cuisine and wine, with sumptuous breakfasts, delightful lunches, and elegant evening meals.


Reservations at Restaurant Botanic are a necessity when travelling to Adelaide. Justin James’ specially crafted sampling menu featuring 20 combinations will stimulate all of your senses. Having your meals at this restaurant  will give you an amazing experience because of its delicate interior and delicious food.  However, take note that this requires a minimum dining experience spanning four hours, so it will not be a quick dinner, and rightly so.


If your only exposure to Japanese food has been plastic sushi plates moving along a conveyor belt, travel to Shobosho on Leigh Street and prepare for a flavour revelation.  Appetising dishes like sashimi, noodles, yakitori, dumplings, and bao are available on the menu, along with raw, cured, pickled, fermented, and cooked foods. The decor is distinctively Japanese and slick, rich, and warm. The kitchen is operational  all day and serves lunch, snacks, dinner, and beverages.


Enter Fugazzi, the mansion of luxury in Adelaide. With the touch  of velvet and marble, artistically curated cocktails, and hand-rolled duck cappelletti, this New York-Italo inspired bar and dining room is without a doubt one of Australia’s finest restaurants.  Prepare to loosen your belt clip because their menu is divided into four categories: snacks, pasta, fire, and sides. Be sure to add this to the list of Aussie cuisines and modern Australian restaurants.


With choices for both upscale and casual dining, Press Food & Wine offers a distinctive and diverse selection of modern Australian cuisine. The historic building where the restaurant is located has two floors. While the upstairs area has more elegant vintage-style booths, the downstairs has décor with an industrial motif. To produce a unique menu inspired by the seasons, chef Andrew Davies concentrates on using organic and local ingredients.


Visit Orana if you’re looking for the best modern Australian restaurants. This small, timber-style eatery serves as a showcase for Adelaide’s top-notch dining scene. The word Orana means “welcome” in the aboriginal Australian language, and the location’s hospitable atmosphere and environment do a good job of living up to that meaning. The cuisine is distinctive with innovative interiors and enjoyable evenings.


The Africola eatery, which the South African-born Duncan Welgemoed founded, offers some of Adelaide’s top cuisines. It was founded as a South African restaurant and offered some traditional,  South African fare. A lot of concentration  is placed on vegetables, seafood, and rotisserie meat. The vibrant decorations, welcoming atmosphere, and abundance of alcohol make it a very welcoming location to be in. Check out the best cocktail bars in Adelaide for more information.


This is Adelaide’s best restaurant, offering genuine Mediterranean cuisine in a setting reminiscent of traditional European dining establishments. The restaurant serves some of the freshest food in Adelaide, relying primarily on the fresh seafood caught right off South Australia’s docks and the freshest vegetables available in the market. A meal at this amazing location is a must-have because it is known to offer diners one of the finest contemporary dining experiences in Adelaide.


This eatery was among the first in all of South Australia to open its doors to patrons in 1985 and was awarded the Ospitalita Italiana seal of approval by the Italian government. This legendary eatery continues to thrive and offers its patrons some of Adelaide’s finest Italian food.


This distinctive South American restaurant, founded in 1985, claims to be the first Argentinian restaurant at the turn of the century. The restaurant has been an  imposing presence in Adelaide for over three decades. It serves some of the most authentic dishes in South American cuisine, such as prime-cut beef and a variety of locally obtained seafood.

Ending Note

The dining options in Adelaide are much more extensive than those mentioned above. There are a lot of other modern Australian restaurants to choose from, even though these places are undoubtedly a great spot to start. Find your piece of foodie heaven and the best cocktail bars in Adelaide. Happy meals!

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