preschool franchises in Faridabad
preschool franchises in Faridabad

Before diving into the preschool and daycare business, it’s vitally important to conduct extensive market research. This will enable you to determine whether the venture suits you personally as well as offer insight into managing it successfully. Finding an area with a growing population that features many families with young children will also increase chances of success.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. We’ve carefully selected the top five preschool franchises in Faridabad, considering things like how easy they are to set up, the support they offer after you buy in, how profitable they are, the cool features they provide, and of course, the curriculum they offer. Now all you need to do is pick the one that suits you best and get ready to build something amazing for those little learners!

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare offers children an unrivaled learning experience through cutting-edge technology and proven curriculum, all combined to give them a world-class education. As such, this franchise opportunity offers excellent returns on investments. This opportunity makes for an attractive business investment with potential for explosive growth!

Footprint’s approach to education is founded in research and clinical studies. They were among the first childcare centers to offer parents real-time CCTV footage of their child’s daily activities; also prioritizing clean, sanitary environments with dedicated safety infrastructure to keep children safe while providing nutritious meals while restricting junk food intake.

Footprints offers not only a safe and sanitary environment for its young clients, but also follows a scientifically developed child-centered pedagogy to optimize brain development – which should be 90 percent complete by age five – through its educational program, the Highscope Curriculum. This curriculum helps children embark on their life-long path toward success.

Footprints’ curriculum emphasizes hands-on, participatory learning. This approach allows children to discover their interests early on while developing critical thinking skills and creating an atmosphere of responsibility and nurturing children’s natural curiosity.

Preschool and daycare owners face one of the greatest challenges of operating their businesses: attracting and retaining students. To address this issue, Footprints provides admissions guarantees and buyback guarantees to franchisees; in addition, they offer support in property identification and set-up enabling franchisees to launch their businesses quickly and efficiently. With all these advantages combined with strong returns on investment, Footprints is revolutionizing the preschool landscape for both children and parents.

Little Millennium Preschool

Little Millenium Preschool franchise provides entrepreneurs with an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the rising demand for quality childcare and education. It boasts a proven business model with extensive support services available for franchisees as well as their staff; training programs are provided and all locations adhere to local zoning requirements by obtaining all of the required permits.

Preschool franchise is one of the leading educational brands in India, boasting high returns with low investments. Their specialized curriculum and systematic learning process make this preschool ideal for parents looking for structured environments for their children. Part of Educomp Solutions Ltd, it is integrally involved with India’s entire educational ecosystem.

This brand’s carefully researched curriculum emphasizes holistic child development and covers all areas of learning for kids in Faridabad – such as motor skills, socialization and language acquisition. As a result, they have become the go-to playschool in Faridabad; its students develop time management and self-esteem while their operations and rigorous safety standards help create a safe environment for them all. All these factors have contributed to its incredible rapid expansion over the last several years.


Are You Looking to Start a Preschool and Play School Franchise Business with Eurokids? Eurokids’ franchise opportunity may be ideal. Their comprehensive curriculum supports children in developing cognitive and emotional skills while engaging in fun learning activities. Furthermore, the company provides operations support, training, marketing services as well as operational support team which assists new franchisees establish their businesses with guidance on managing a successful preschool franchise business.

Education is an in-demand industry, and you can expect a healthy return with the Eurokids franchise. Offering low startup costs makes this brand ideal for first-time entrepreneurs; all teachers undergo professional training so as to provide children with an exceptional educational experience. Furthermore, this company has received many awards in recognition of its proven franchising program and quality learning experience.

EuroKids stands out from other pre-school brands by adopting an “individualized child first” philosophy centered around nurturing development in a safe and secure environment. Additionally, their Mindful Curriculum Eunoia encourages children to practice mindfulness skills throughout their daily lives.

Focusing on child development has propelled this company to the top of India’s franchise ranking. Their innovative teaching methods and curriculum foster children’s love of learning from an early age, leading them to thrive academically as they move through five countries with over 900 pre-schools serving 350 cities, and reaching over 50,00 children overall.

EDGE 360 franchise support program assists new franchisees with setting up the proper infrastructure and atmosphere, providing educational materials, curriculum-based teacher training courses and leadership support services, mentoring entrepreneurs in an organized fashion as well as operational assistance to ensure long-term success of their endeavor.

Bachpan Play School

The Bachpan Play School franchise provides you with the opportunity to establish a school with state-of-the-art infrastructure, while receiving training programs and marketing assistance to ensure success in this educational business. Over time, this brand has established itself as an industry leader within preschool sector and comes equipped with an impressive track record and comprehensive support system.

This company believes in using technology and unconventional teaching methods to mold young minds, with over 1,100 schools across India that aim to make India their leading education provider. They’re dedicated to building strong academic foundations for their students; education is the greatest gift anyone can have!

Children need exposure to different activities and experiences for them to grow creatively and socially while experiencing cognitive growth. A good pre-school can lay down a foundation that prepares kids for an exciting future – using innovative learning techniques as part of this.

From using an app to promote reading to engaging in an educational game, these tools can make a tremendous difference in the life of children. From exploring their world to cultivating an interest in education and building their self-esteem and confidence – these activities will have a great effect.

Bachpan Play School envisages a future where all children are equipped with modern pedagogies and use their energy and creativity as assets for socio-economic progress. They continue to innovate and research new technologies for this goal.


Kidzee preschool brand stands out among India’s premier preschool options due to its child-centric teaching methods and holistic development philosophy, boasting over 1550 pre-schools across 550 cities in India, helping children build the foundations for a bright future. Their proven business model delivers robust returns for franchisees while their well-known brand draws parents searching for quality preschool options for their children.

Kidzee Preschool Franchise in Faridabad offers everything needed for success: comprehensive curriculum, training programs and franchise support services for franchisees. In addition, its teachers go through rigorous training to deliver quality education. Plus, this franchise boasts strong returns on investment with no royalty fee – an attractive proposition for aspiring entrepreneurs!

Franchisees will receive assistance with infrastructure design, operations and recruitment from the brand’s team of experts, while having access to its national and local marketing campaigns and curriculum updates to ensure that franchisees use cutting-edge educational practices within their schools.

Kidzee preschool investments range between 12 lakh rupees and 20 lakh rupees. Initial expenses will include franchise fees, infrastructure and startup costs; total expenditure will depend on your location and size of school. A premium location near residential areas should be chosen to create a safe learning environment that is easily accessible and visible; franchisees will require at least 2000-3000 sqft space in which to house classrooms and play areas.

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