Are White Granite Worktops Worth It? Consider these Pros and Cons!

white granite worktop

Granite is a top-voted kitchen worktop material, hailed for its myriad advantages. From strength and resilience to durability and ease of maintenance, this sturdy natural stone is an excellent choice for countertops, flooring, basins, fireplace mantles, stairs, and so on. As far as the aesthetic superiority of granite is concerned, there are ample choices of colours and patterns. In particular, a white granite worktop embodies timeless beauty and can never go out of style. White granite is subtle yet stylish and is perfect for homeowners who like to experiment with different colour/décor themes in the kitchen without unnecessarily changing the worktops.

Why Choose a White Granite Worktop?

White granite is often misconceived as being easy to stain and difficult to clean. But the same is true of any other light colour worktop. Moreover, even black granite is susceptible to whitish patches and spills. Overall, granite is far easier to clean and less likely to stain than marble or quartzite. Ease of cleaning should never be the primary criterion for deciding whether white granite is worth it. One should look at white granite worktop prices and weigh the following advantages:-

  1. Incredible Eye Appeal– From the elegant pearl white to the dreamy cloud white and elegant ivory white, the gorgeousness of white granite is endless. What makes it all the more striking is the mosaic of natural, multi-hued specks, gentle swirls, and robust veins adorning it. 
  2. Expansiveness– For compact kitchens with limited space, installing white granite worktops creates a sense of expansiveness. Similarly, in indoor spaces with small windows and little natural light, using white granite countertops helps brighten up the area.
  3. High Adaptability– From wooden or metallic cabinets to brass fixtures, chrome fittings, or stainless-steel ware, white granite complements all kinds of functional and décor choices. It is easy on the eyes and acts as an elegant, neutral backdrop for experimenting with various colour schemes.
  4. Easy to Clean– Any spillage is prominent on a white surface. This invokes instant attention and prompts homeowners to wipe the surface immediately. Spills, dirt, and grime will be less visible in other colours and might go unnoticed till the stain sets.
  5. Fading is Less Prominent– Although granite worktops are long-lasting, they could lose their natural sheen if neglected. Choosing white over other colours will ensure that the countertop never appears faded over years of intensive use.

Limitations of White Granite

Before going ahead and installing white granite worktops, consumers should be well aware of the following limitations:-

  1. Warrants Regular Cleaning– As mentioned above, even a minute spill or speck of dirt will be easily visible on a white worktop. Hence, homeowners will always end up cleaning it more often. Without regular cleaning, white granite will lose its natural appeal.
  2. Unapt for Large Kitchens– The colour white has an expansive visual effect. So installing white countertops will make an exceptionally large kitchen appear even bigger. Of course, this can be balanced by adding elements of colour in between to break the rhythm.
  3. Too Bright for WellLit Kitchens – White granite work surfaces will have an extra brightening effect in kitchens with large windows and ample sunlight. White can still be used sparingly or in combination with black and other darker shades to achieve harmony.


Considering the above pros and cons, white granite worktops are certainly worth investing. The wide range of advantages far outweighs the few limitations. However, homeowners should carefully examine their kitchen specifications, colour theme, and décor requirements before deciding which worktop material to choose.

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