5 Top Preschool Franchise in Delhi

preschool franchise in Delhi

Preschool education is an integral component of child development and offers entrepreneurs an ideal investment opportunity.

The best preschool franchises provide proven business models and projected returns that can help franchisees achieve success. Furthermore, they provide ongoing support services that will assist franchisees to ensure success for themselves and their franchisees.

Here is a list of 5 handpicked preschool franchise in Delhi

Footprints Preschool and Day Care

Footprints Preschool and Day Care is a top preschool franchise in India, providing an innovative learning environment and age-appropriate programs. Their teachers are highly qualified professionals with years of experience using child-centric approaches to promote social and emotional development. Furthermore, high-quality meals and secure facilities ensure children remain safe.

Footprints Preschool utilizes a curriculum developed through extensive research that encourages active participation from both students and teachers, engaging young minds while setting them up for future success in school and life. Our mission at Footprints Preschool is to offer every child and parent the best educational experience.

Footprints was established with the aim to offer world-class childcare that focused on overall child development through an education system combining technology and an established curriculum for maximum care for every child enrolled at Footprints.

They now run a network of preschools and daycare centers across the country for children aged upto four years, providing caretaking as well as teaching staff who use a curriculum. Each center includes teachers trained to use it effectively as well as caretakers who provide personal attention for the youngsters in attendance.

Footprints offers its franchise partners a comprehensive suite of services, such as property identification and set-up, marketing support, teacher recruitment support and more. In addition, technology solutions such as live CCTV feeds, parent communication portals and student management systems are also provided to them.

Finding a quality preschool is an important decision for parents. Finding one with a safe, nurturing environment for your child is paramount, and Footprints Preschool and Day Care offers just that with its safe learning environment that promotes confidence among students while nurturing them into confident adults.


Eurokids International Private Limited is an educational services company located in Delhi that specializes in Pre School Education Services and Play Group Prog. With an excellent franchise presence within India’s education system, Eurokids International stands as one of the premier preschool chains.

“Child First” is the driving principle behind our school programs and services, to ensure children receive stimulating stimuli tailored specifically for their age alongside fun activities and games that encourage holistic and overall development of the child.

As a franchisee, you will be accountable for managing daily operations of the school as well as supervising its staff. However, support and guidance from Eurokids Head Office is available, including training programs for teachers and counselors as well as an ambience manual that outlines standards set by Eurokids Preschools.

Once approved, the next step should be signing a franchise agreement and beginning the process of setting up your school and operating it.

When opening a preschool, it is essential to select the ideal location. Your location must be safe and easily accessible for parents of your students while being large enough to house all the students you will be serving. For advice on finding an optimal site, talk to other franchisees to gain guidance for finding your preschool’s location.

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids offers quality preschool education in a safe and secure environment. Their innovative teaching methods assist children with learning and growth. Furthermore, there are various play and learning opportunities provided here such as theme-based activities, gross motor development, sensory integration etc. Their goal is to give children all of the skills needed for academic and life success.

This company is a premium preschool franchise in India that provides an innovative pedagogy approach and learner-centric curriculum, using its iCan Learning System. They believe that what children learn during their early years will have lasting impacts in later years – this system encompasses key areas like pedagogy, learning-teaching strategies, grouping strategies, outcomes & assessment as well as external/internal learning environment design.

The company believes that the key to teaching young children effectively is making learning exciting and engaging, so they have created an extensive curriculum with cutting-edge teaching techniques and technology designed to make education fun for kids. Their programs also support social and emotional development of children.

Assiduity estimates indicate that successful Kangaroo Kid’s franchises can generate net profits of 30% to 50% and offer high returns on investments.

An opportunity for those interested in running their own business, opening a kangaroo kid’s franchise is an attractive proposition. Before making your decision, however, it is wise to carefully weigh its advantages and disadvantages before making a final choice. Costs associated with opening this type of franchise vary based on your location and desired type.

Hello Kids

Hello Kids is a premier preschool chain brand in India, offering world-class education and child development at an economical rate – making Hello Kids an excellent option for parents seeking the highest standard education for their child(ren).

The goal of the brand is to help every child flourish and learn. They offer an engaging learning environment where children are encouraged to discover their full potential and take risks with creativity – ultimately encouraging lifelong learners who achieve success throughout their lives.

Hello Kids is an international age-appropriate preschool that incorporates Montessori and Nursery-inspired teaching methods into its international age-appropriate curriculum. Over 200 franchises across the nation operate under this name, which has become widely renowned for its high standards of education. As one of few pre-school chains that prioritizes both education and business equally.

Hello Kids is an ideal pre-school franchise in Delhi, boasting low franchise fees and providing a strong return on investment potential for anyone wanting to open a preschool.

Hello Kids pre-school franchise requires at least 1000 square feet of space and adherence to franchise guidelines as well as paying an initial franchise fee of 1 lakh rupees. Furthermore, an appropriate location with easy accessibility and parking must also be found. Once these requirements have been fulfilled, franchisees can begin their Hello Kids pre-school franchise adventure; their head office will help set up infrastructure, train teachers, provide detailed operating manuals that explain the brand system as well as an efficient central procurement system that saves them both money and time in procuring books/study materials/prospectuses, saving both time and money in purchasing these.

Petals Preschool

Petals Preschool is a child-centric learning centre dedicated to building students’ whole personalities and encouraging exploration and collaboration between peers. Their extended pre-school curriculum addresses early learning in an ever-evolving world and provides parents with a convenient parent-teacher portal and app, enabling parents to view their child’s profile, assessment records, curriculum details and fee receipts anywhere around the globe – saving both time and paper!

The academy provides high-quality preschool education in a safe and happy environment. Teachers are specially trained to nurture children while respecting individual personalities, with its educational philosophy resting upon the idea that children possess an inborn desire for learning that can enable them to achieve great things given proper opportunities.

Their teaching methods are grounded in scientific research and include activities to foster creativity, gross and fine motor development, social skills, and language acquisition. Furthermore, recapitulation sessions allow children to reflect upon their day while making connections between lessons learned in class and experiences they’ve encountered throughout it. This helps ensure they absorb and retain information presented within classroom walls.

This franchise is an excellent investment option for investors who wish to assist children in realizing their full potential in an enjoyable yet educational setting. Its infrastructure consists of classrooms fitted with computer projectors, air purifiers, CCTV surveillance as well as facilities such as dance and music rooms, tall tales rooms, pottery shacks, gardens with splash pools, 3D rooms, electric trains and much more – making this franchise one of the leading preschool franchises in Delhi.

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