Top 5 Apps to Order Medicine Online in India

online medicine apps

Several apps and websites in India offer online medicine delivery, each with distinctive features. Truemeds, Practo, 1mg, Netmeds, and PharmEasy are the top 5 among these medicine apps. Your choice of the online medicine delivery app can be based on the services and convenience they provide. Here’s a brief overview of the services offered by these apps to assist you in making the best choice.

  1. Truemeds: Truemeds is a distinguished medicine app that offers a range of services designed to enhance your healthcare experience. The app is an efficient e-pharmacy platform, providing access to a wide array of generic medicines. Truemeds goes beyond delivering medications by saving your prescriptions for easy reference and offering timely medicine reminders. Additionally, the app provides a unique feature of free doctor consultations, enabling you to seek professional advice without extra charges. With the convenience of easy access to medicine refills and valuable health information, Truemeds prioritises comprehensive healthcare support for its users. By offering you generic substitutes, they help save a lot on medicines. You’ll get great deals on their apps. You can easily upload and refill your prescriptions. Furthermore, users can access valuable health tips, empowering them with knowledge for proactive health management. It is one of the best online medicine apps that helps save 72% on your medicines.
  2. Practo: Practo, a comprehensive healthcare app, offers a spectrum of services to enhance user well-being. The app facilitates the seamless ordering of prescribed medicines, providing a one-stop solution for healthcare needs. Additionally, users can consult experienced doctors online, fostering accessible healthcare consultations. You can also conveniently book appointments for medical consultations and lab tests, ensuring timely healthcare access. Practo’s innovative features extend to setting medicine reminders and assisting users in adhering to prescribed schedules. You can access their health library for valuable tips on health management.  This app can help you save 60% on your medicine expenses.
  3. 1mg: 1mg, a leading healthcare app, offers a diverse range of services to enhance user convenience and well-being. The app provides an E-Pharmacy platform, enabling users to effortlessly order medicines and health products online from licensed pharmacies with doorstep delivery. Additionally, 1mg facilitates free online consultations with qualified and registered doctors through chat, ensuring accessible healthcare advice. Users can seamlessly book lab tests online, benefitting from a hassle-free, home sample collection service, and receive their reports digitally. The app also serves as a valuable health information resource, empowering you with knowledge for informed health decisions. This app can help you save 15% on your quick medicine purchases.
  4. Netmeds: Netmeds is a prominent online pharmacy that goes beyond offering an extensive array of medicines by providing a diverse selection of Over-the-Counter (OTC) products. The app offers a variety of wellness items, vitamins, diet and fitness supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby and mother care products, beauty care products, and other surgical supplies. This comprehensive range caters to diverse health needs, ensuring a one-stop destination for various healthcare products. Additionally, Netmeds also serves as an informative resource by providing valuable health information on health and wellness. This app offers a flat 20% off on all medicines.
  5. PharmEasy: PharmEasy medicine app facilitates a seamless healthcare experience by offering a range of services. You can conveniently order medicines and healthcare products through the app, ensuring timely and hassle-free delivery to your doorstep. PharmEasy also provides access to lab tests, allowing you to book tests online and avail of home sample collection services. Moreover, the app simplifies locating the nearest collection centre for added convenience. With a focus on comprehensive healthcare solutions, PharmEasy aims to enhance accessibility and efficiency in meeting various medical requirements. The app offers a flat 27% off on the first 3 medicine orders.


When choosing the best medicine app among Truemeds, Practo, 1mg, Netmeds, and PharmEasy, consider specific features that align with your healthcare needs. Mark your specific requirements, such as prescription management, generic medicines, doctor’s consultations, or additional healthcare services, you are looking for.  to choose the app that best aligns with your healthcare needs and preferences. If you want to save maximum on your medicines, use Truemeds to order your medicines. Here you can get generic substitutes and a free doctor’s consultation to guide you with your purchase.

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