Major Points To Keep In Mind While Buying Lenovo i7 Laptop

Lenovo i7 Laptop

A proficient laptop can do a lot of wonders in optimizing your work when it comes to professional or academic tasks. Also, the performance of the chip present in it regulates the seamless working process which boosts your productivity. That is the main reason why you need to go for the well working best brand laptops like Lenovo i7 laptop. 

Apart from the brand value, these laptops come with exclusive features that will ideally suit the requirements of students as well as professionals. It is one of the best laptops for engineering students in the market that you can invest in. Here are some of the major points that will help you purchase the best Lenovo i7 laptop 


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the best laptop for engineering students is the CPU. When it comes to what your laptop can do, the Central Processing Unit, or CPU, is its brain.

For demanding activities like running CAD software, the Lenovo i7 laptop is the best option. Most of the popular software will function just well on mid-range processors as well.


Laptops can store data in two different ways: solid-state drive (SSD) and hard disk drive (HDD). SSDs are quite small and light. SSDs are far quicker than HDDs in reading and writing data, and SSD-equipped laptops load up in seconds.

However, the benefits of SSDs outweigh the disadvantages, and we highly advise you to assess if you can live with the reduced capacity before purchasing a laptop with an HDD. Make sure the Lenovo i7 laptop has an SSD to make it the best laptop for engineering students.


If you want a fast refresh rate and good details in the Lenovo i7 laptop, you will have to make sure that you have a good graphics processing unit (GPU). The GPU makes sure that the graphics appear as early as possible on the screen. The best laptop for engineering students should have a dedicated GPU that provides a significant speed boost for people who work with professional graphics software.

In most instances, a 2GB DDR3 graphics card is sufficient for laptops but if the laptop is used for purposes such as running heavy software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, or MATLAB, then you need to consider a DDR5 graphics card such as the Nvidia GTX series in your Lenovo i7 laptop.

  • RAM

A laptop with a fast CPU is useless if it lacks sufficient RAM, that’s where the main storing and running of software actually happens. In order to enjoy a satisfactory experience, a minimum of 4GB RAM is required, but 8GB is suggested for the Lenovo i7 laptop. If you’re looking for a laptop in a lower price range, choose one with more RAM.


Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth are important features to have on your Lenovo i7 laptop. This will aid in the sharing of your work with others, as well as the storage of your files on other devices.


The resolution of the screen will be an important factor to consider. For example, a screen size of 14 inches is adequate, but a higher screen resolution implies a larger area to place multiple windows. A 1920×1080 pixels resolution would be best suited for a Lenovo i7 laptop since it has a 1080p full HD resolution. Most laptops come with this resolution now.


Another important consideration when purchasing the best laptop for engineering students is battery life. If you’re planning to use it at college and at home, you’ll need at least eight hours of battery life.

Reading evaluations from other people might help you figure out how long your battery will last. Long battery life allows you to work from anywhere without having to worry about finding a charging point.


If you are looking for the best laptop for students, you should always consider a lightweight laptop. It will help you while you are traveling to the office or anywhere else. A heavyweight laptop will cause you trouble while carrying it.  Considering you are a student; you will already be having other things to carry alongside your laptop in your bag. Therefore, a lighter laptop will always be beneficial for you.

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