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KTM RC 200

KTM has been working on making the RC 200 easier to live with. Its engine now feels smoother and more tractable with mellow acceleration.

Its tall 824mm seat height will still require you to crouch forward if you are under 5’7”. The good news is that the new RC 200’s seats are flatter and better padded.


The KTM RC 200 is a powerful bike with a 199cc four-stroke liquid cooled single cylinder engine that produces 26 hp at 10,000 rpm and 19 Nm of torque. This power is delivered by a six-speed transmission. Its powerful engine and quick acceleration make it a great choice for racing. This motorcycle also comes with a slipper clutch for added safety. The handlebars are adjustable, making it easy to adjust your riding position. This makes the RC 200 more comfortable for long rides. However, it is still a track-oriented bike, so you will need to wear proper riding gear.

The new RC 200 is more street-oriented than the previous model, but it still retains the ability to turn heads on the racetrack. Its lightweight tubular split trellis frame and bolt-on subframe are designed for speed stability. This motorcycle features a 43mm inverted WP Apex front fork and a WP mono-shock with preload adjustment. The braking system is also impressive, with a 320 mm disc up front and a 230 mm disc at the rear.

Overall, the RC 200 is an excellent track bike, but it’s not suitable for daily commutes. Its aggressive stance can cause wrist and back pain if you ride for long periods of time. The rider is leaned into the motorcycle, so you’ll need to have strong core muscles to keep your body stable.

The new RC 200 has improved ergonomics and features a more powerful engine than its predecessor. Its redesigned bodywork and lightweight chassis improve comfort, while its advanced brake system provides superior stopping power. The new RC 200 is a great option for those looking for a fast, stylish motorcycle.

Fuel economy

If you’re looking for a powerful sport bike with excellent fuel economy, the KTM RC 200 is an ideal choice. It has a high-quality engine and a mechanically actuated wet multi-disc clutch. It also has a lightweight frame and a trellis subframe, which makes it more durable and allows it to handle the power it generates. Additionally, it’s designed to be safe and easy to use, making it an excellent option for riders of any skill level.

The new RC 200 has a much more refined design than its predecessor. Its front fascia is bigger and features LED headlights with parking lights and indicators. It also has a more commanding stance, which gives it an aggressive presence on the road. The bike also features a foldable mirror for a more compact appearance, as well as a sleek LED brake lamp and sleek rear seat.

Another important aspect of the RC 200 is its fuel efficiency. This bike is capable of delivering up to 43.5 km per liter of fuel, which is impressive for a sports bike. Additionally, it has a large fuel tank that can help you ride longer distances before needing to visit the gas station.

Although the RC 200 is an excellent choice for those who enjoy riding sports bikes, its high seat height may be challenging for short riders. Luckily, the latest version of this model is more comfortable than its predecessor. Its seat is padded and slightly wider, which makes it easier to get on and off. It also has a higher handlebar, which helps to reduce the need to crouch as much. As a result, the RC 200 is more comfortable to ride for long periods of time.


The RC 200’s handling has always been one of its strong points. It is intuitive and engaging to ride spiritedly, be it through tight hairpins or long sweepers. Unlike its predecessor, the new RC is more composed and poised, making it an easier bike to live with on a daily basis. It also inspires confidence when you push it hard around corners. Its grip from the tyres is commendable as well, even in hard braking conditions.

The new RC is lighter than its predecessor thanks to the revised engine, chassis, and the wheels. Its pillion seat is placed higher and its design is more comfortable. However, it is still not ideal for longer rides since vibrations start to play spoilsport after a few minutes of riding.

Another thing that needs improvement is the brakes. The front 320 mm disc is now paired with 4-piston fixed calipers from ByBre, resulting in better deceleration. The rear 230 mm disc is now paired with a 1-piston fixed caliper, which also saves 960 grams of unsprung weight.

The WP suspension on the RC is one of the best in its class. Its 43mm fork tube diameter is only beaten by some bigger bikes. This is why the RC 200 is a great option for those who are looking to upgrade it with some serious track-oriented modifications. The rear monoshock is also good, providing decent feel and damping. However, it could do with a little more rebound adjustment.


KTM’s RC 200 is one of the fastest and most stylish looking bikes in its class. With dual projector headlamps, a carved 9.5 liter fuel tank, and a chic rear design, the RC 200 looks like a race-ready superbike ready to salvage all your speed thrills. But there’s more than meets the eye with this machine.

The new RC 200 is an improvement over its predecessor in terms of ergonomics, especially when it comes to rider comfort. Its taller handlebar allows you to hold your body in a more comfortable position. Its seat is also more comfortable than before thanks to its new padding and a broader shape.

Another big improvement is the bike’s braking system. It now features a larger 320mm front disc, which is a welcome upgrade from its older 220mm unit. This will help the RC 200 perform better in the track. The brakes still don’t feel as sharp as we would like, but they are adequate for most riders.

When you’re on the track, the RC 200 feels taut and predictable, whether it’s going through long sweepers or tight hairpins. It’s not as nimble as the 390, but it is forgiving of any mistakes you may make on the road. It also inspires confidence when leaning over the edge of a corner.

The RC 200 has a lot of potential as an everyday streetbike. It’s fast, comfortable, and affordable to own. But, if you’re looking for a race-ready bike, the RC 200 isn’t quite the best option for you. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun and reliable motorcycle for anyone who wants to hit the track from time to time. You can even do a few quick and easy modifications to make it more race-ready.


The new KTM RC 200 is a great motorcycle, and the new design makes it even more fun to ride. Its new subframe allows it to offer more flexibility to the chassis, and its new wheels reduce unsprung mass. This allows the bike to be lighter on its feet, and it also improves handling in both urban and racetrack settings. The bike also offers better mileage, making it a good option for long rides.

The 2022 RC 200 is a comfortable bike to live with, and it’s much easier to ride than its predecessor. Although the seat is still at a tall 835mm, it’s flatter and more padded than before. This makes it easier for riders of all sizes to ride. The fuel tank is also larger, which helps improve fuel economy. The bike also gets a new headlight with halogen bulbs instead of diodes.

Another great feature of the RC 200 is its SUPERMOTO ABS mode, which allows the rider to brake hard without losing control. The system disables rear wheel lift up detection and keeps the pressure on the front wheel until excessive slip is detected, which is when ABS kicks in.

The RC 200 is a sporty motorcycle that may not be the best choice for long rides or daily commutes. Its sporty riding position can put strain on your wrists and back, and the bike’s stiff suspension can make it uncomfortable over bumpy roads or uneven surfaces. The RC 200’s thin seat padding can also cause discomfort after riding for longer periods of time. Despite these drawbacks, the RC 200 is an excellent motorcycle for those who want to experience the thrill of racing.

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