Four Things You Should Know About the Bajaj CT100

Bajaj CT 100Bajaj CT 100

Bajaj is renowned in India for offering efficient bikes suitable for daily use. The Bajaj CT100 is a popular bike in India for its simplicity and efficiency. It comes with a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine that delivers a powerful performance. This bike is exclusively known for running errands in the daily routine. This article will explore essential details about the CT 100 bike, highlighting how choosing this model can be incredibly beneficial, leading to significant cost savings.

What Sets the Bajaj CT100 Apart – Four Must-Know Features

The Bajaj CT 100 is your best companion whether you use it to travel in rural or urban areas. Let’s explore the four reasons why they are popular: 

  • Mileage

Bajaj CT100 has a fuel tank capacity of 10.5 litres and up to 90km/litre mileage. When compared with other motorcycles, it offers the best bike mileage. The fuel tank capacity reduces frequent stopping for refuelling, saving you time and money. Also, it would be of great help when covering longer distances. You save money on petrol when you purchase a bike like CT100 with a large fuel tank capacity and efficient mileage. 

  • Rugged and Reliable

Engineered with a resilient chassis and straightforward mechanics, the Bajaj CT100 stands out for its unwavering dependability and enduring durability. It has one of the best bike mileages and is also beneficial when travelling off-road, especially in rural areas. Irrespective of wherever you travell,  the Bajaj CT100’s mechanisms are adaptable to versatile settings.

You can hit up to 90 km/h without worrying about your safety and can depend on the bike’s swift brake system. The tyre suspension is one main reason for this. The front tyre boasts a hydraulic telescopic, 125mm wheel travel without anti-friction bush, while the rear tyre boasts an SNS suspension with 100mm wheel travel. CT 100 boasts a straightforward design that facilitates easier maintenance and repairs. 

  • Safe and Ergonomic Design 

It is a well-known fact that the Bajaj CT100 has the best bike mileage. However, you must also consider a bike’s design and safety features. The CT100 features 110 front-drum brakes, offering more stopping power than smaller diameters. It has a ground clearance of 160mm with better suspensions, providing the utmost safety for the rider and the pillion rider. 

Also, the bike has a longer seat with a soft cushion. The seat’s design ensures a comfortable seating posture for both the riders. Moreover, the bike’s handlebars are strategically positioned to facilitate effortless manoeuvring and navigation for the rider, ensuring easy turns and seamless control.

  • Affordable and Practical

The Bajaj CT 100 helps give an affordable ride to those mindful of their budget. Usually, a bike with such specifications and the best bike’s mileage will cost more than the expected rate. But, the Bajaj CT100 is priced at Rs. 55,366 (on-road, Delhi), which is way more affordable than other bikes. 

Additionally, buying the CT 100 is affordable and a great way to save on petrol and maintenance charges. There is no need to service the bike often unless there is any specific damage to the bike due to a collision or accident. Adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions for regular servicing will contribute to the bike’s longevity and durability.

The Bajaj CT 100 is the best option for city and rural commuters. With a strong and comfortable design, the bike offers a smooth ride, irrespective of the road’s conditions. Despite so many intriguing and value-for-money features, the price is irresistibly good and can make your wallet happy. Therefore, if you are on a budget and want to buy a simple yet stylish bike, go for Bajaj CT100. Bajaj Auto Finance enhances your buying experience and makes your purchase more convenient. You can grab the best EMI deals on Bajaj Auto Finance. So, wait no more; get your own Bajaj CT100 today and flaunt your riding skills.

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